Every Person a Programmer

Reading about cloud computing, netbooks and simpler operating systems etc, all to make the consumers life simpler and maybe cheaper got me thinking. Are we not robbing the consumer/user of a golden opportunity to be come budding computer programmers.

Yes, I know, everybody does not want to be a programmer. Yet for generations to come our daily lives are going to depend on computers and there programs more and more. Is it not essential that future generations have a solid grounding in computer programming, just like it is deemed beneficial today to have a sound grounding in maths and language skills?

Imagine a whole society that at least understands the basics of programming. A society that could write simple macros for their daily use. Imagine the productivity gains. Would this not free those that want to be programmers to write truly ground breaking programs, instead of being employed to write simpler GUI interfaces for day to day use by users that have to be taught by “monkey see monkey do” methods to use those GUIs?

Imagine the programming such a society could produce with in a couple of generations.


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