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Centos Virtualbox Guest in Ubuntu Host Issues

February 16, 2010

This is not a how to but a quick set of notes regarding the installation of Centos 5.4 (dvd iso) as a guest os in VirtualBox 3.1 on a Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic) host. There are more detailed tutorials about this subject but I wanted to do this quick post because of the issues I had with the install.

First issue, was that if I set up the virtual disk as an ide device (default behavior of vbox) then the virtual instance would not boot from the dvd. Booting from the dvd stopped after giving one line of output as follows: “ISOLINUX 3.11 ….”. Change the disk to a sata disk in the Settings menu after creating the virtual machine to get past this.

Second issue, the install hangs at/after reporting the following “Registered protocol family 2”. This was fixed by enabling IO APIC in Settings menu.

What the reasons where for the issues I had and what the exact implications are of what I did to get past these issues are beyond my knowledge.

Out standing issues:

Centos boots terribly slow initially complaining about crash kernal memory not being in the allowed range. Its the first time I have installed Centos so I dont know if it just boots slowly or whether there are more issues to be sorted out. In all fairness I must add that I did a server + gui install and only gave it 512 meg ram to work with.

Otherwise it seems to run just fine.