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VPSLink – Ubuntu 9.4 Mail Server from Scratch

March 2, 2010

Like in so many of my other posts I have to state that I am not an expert on this subject. Then why am I posting about it at all you might be asking! Its simple, the experts usually give us just enough info to hang ourselves. Yeah thats right, they make it look simple enough that we consider trying it and then leave out just enough “obvious” info to get us into trouble. To be fair I don’t think they do it on purpose they just forget that the obvious is all but obvious to the poor newbie.

Well after that little poke I have to add that there are some prerequisites to being able to use this little recipe of mine. You need to be able to read…hehehe …sorry bad joke. You need to be able to use vi or nano at least.

This post is a simple recipe for getting the job done, it is most likely not the best way of doing it but it works. The problem with this type of recipe approach is that the “why for’s” and the “where for’s” are minimal or non existent. Any comments and/or corrections are more than welcome.

What this exercise leaves us with in the end of the day is a mail server that can handle multiple domains and email addresses. The domain and user data is stored in an postgresql database while the actual mails end up in special directory.

We will not only be able to administer the mail server from a web interface but the email account holders will be able to access their mail via a web interface. To do this we use Ubuntu 9.4, postfix, postfix-admin, dovecot, roundcube, postgresql and nginx.