Ubuntu Gnome 3 PPA – Evolution 3 Urg!!

I have been using ubuntu with gnome 3 from the unofficial PPA for more than a month now. I liked it from the word go but then again I had used unity long enough to not have a major culture shock. As with any work in progress I would expect glitches but so far there has been no real “train smashes” and usually after a couple of hours there would be a fix to download.

For a time there I was happy.

Then some where along the line evolution 3 got added to the PPA. Ok so they are working towards the future, fair enough.

I am no longer happy.

Evolution 3.0.2 in the PPA as it stands at the point of this writing is a complete @#$%. I have bitched about evolution before in previous Ubuntus but they got it right (eventually), good for them and thanx I had many months of trouble free evolution usage!!!

Evolution 3.0.2 however is an abortion. To give you an idea of what to expect here are just some of the issues I have with it:

– I have to open and close evolution to get new mail (the send/receive button seems to be for show)
– it fetches all (old = already read) mail from the server some of the time so you end up with tons of duplicate mails in your inbox
– and when I reply to some mails (usually from my gmail account) evolution just blinks out of existence.

So things really came to a head this morning when for the briefest of seconds I considered going back to MS and outlook, yes I am ashamed to admit that I even thought it, even if it was for the briefest of seconds!!!. At that time I reigned myself in and said : Hey stop bitching and log some bugs!!

Yeah right, after an hour of scratching and reading on google I decided to try to run evolution with a debug flag….splat she goes!!! (And before you ask no you cant run it with the ubuntu bug reporting thingy because it declares promptly that you are not running an official ubuntu.)

**As an aside do a search in launchpad for evolution bugs with the word “crash” in it…

Yes I KNOW its “experimental”!!! AND yes its my own fault and yes its my own problem, I DID IT KNOWING that stuff in the PPA could be broken.

I have not googled it but I am pretty sure there is a difference between experimental and just plain broken, at least if you look at those words in their true sense.

So be warned, my gnome3 experience has been great (thank you PPA guys), but if you are going to use evolution with it you might want to hang back a week or so before you try it.

UPDATE: 14 June 2011

No evolution fixes yet.

I have gone back to Unity, I got tired of battling with Evolution and I really missed tortoishg which does not work with the nautilus in gnome3.


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4 Responses to “Ubuntu Gnome 3 PPA – Evolution 3 Urg!!”

  1. Harvey Says:

    Wondering if you ever solved the problems with Evolution 3.0.2? I’m experiencing the exact same – so Evolution 3 has been ‘stable’ for a couple months… what a joke.

  2. zaries Says:

    I have not used evolution with gnome 3 since I gave up on it. It looks like the next version of Ubuntu might dump Evolution for Thunderbird anyway. I will have a look at gnome again in 11.10.

  3. Harvey Says:

    I’m running Gnome 3 on Debian Sid – and read the same problems with Evolution on SuSE and Ubuntu (not Fedora intriguingly enough). Will be going back to using Mutt for the time being – haven’t used it in a few years, will probably be thankful in the long run.

  4. zaries Says:

    Well the only reason I was using evolution was for all the meeting requests I get from Outlook users. I might even investigate how to use mail in emacs, since I spend my days in emacs anyway.

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