Haunted by your IPv6’s address(es) yet?

I have been following some of the hype around the IPV6 day. I must admit that I am exited about it. The possibilities are endless. Just imagine a world where every device could have its own IP address. If the issuing of those IPV6 addresses is carefully controlled it would be like issuing a unique id to every device that could possibly connect to the internet (or each other).

Add a couple of verification servers, maybe in combination with a private key and you would not have to ever remember a password again. Your car, your house, the coffee machine at work even your wife could rely on the IPV6 addresses that you carry around with you in your phone, watch or pace maker to recognise you.

Throw in some gps/proximity technology and you could be notified of a friend that just walked around the corner. You would know when the boss was close by! (No more nasty little surprises). Your girlfriend would never ever have to worry about where you are and what you are up to any more. She would know where you are, whom you are with and what you are doing at the click of a button.

Such bliss, its just … priceless!!


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