Thanx for SSD’s and 64 bit systems with lots of ram!

I was fortunate enough to have to upgrade my development machine. So I decided to throw in a SSD drive (a little 64gig thing) to put my operating system (Ubuntu – Natty) on and a few extra chips of ram (16 gigs to be exact).

Holy crap!!!

To start of with, I loaded Ubuntu in under 3 minutes from a cd! That includes answering questions like what drive do you want to install on, what is your location, what keyboard layout etc. In fact it was so fast that I decided to put my /home directory on a different disk to make loading different Linux systems easier, because at those speeds I am prepared to try some more systems.

I spend 12 to 16 hours a day working on my computer and you can not believe what a difference it makes to have a really decent system. Even my internet experience is far superior!

If you are a developer or/and just spend a lot of time on your system do yourself the favour and spend the extra bucks. And while you are at it throw in a bigger screen like a 20″ with senseye technology, its worth every cent.

I would never have imagined it would make such a big difference. It is really worth it!!


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