I have been making a living in the software industry since 1995. For many of those years I have worked on payroll and human resource systems, from supporting to designing and writing them. I also have experience in workflow systems, custom systems across various other industries and even did a stint working on a .net port for the Symbian operating system.

Most of my working life I used Microsoft products exclusively but four years ago I changed to Linux (Ubuntu) and Common Lisp (sbcl) doing web based SaaS systems exclusively.

My formal education was in social sciences (psychology and industrial psychology). What I know about programming I mostly learned from books and “bloody” experience in the trenches.

For most of my career as a programmer I have been working 12 to 16 hour days so I don’t have much time or energy to blog but every now and again something will either impress me enough or irritate me enough to actually blog about it. On occasion I try to scribble down a recipe for doing something as well, usually so I have a place to go and look it up again and/or to maybe save some other poor blighter like me hours to achieve the same.

Zaries’s Blog is the vehicle I use for those occasions.


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