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DX-Twitter – CL Twitter Interface

July 23, 2013

I have been doing a lot of refactoring of some of my existing projects and dx-twitter was the results of one of those refactoring sessions.

Like the repository says its a “A nearly usefull collection of lisp functions to use twitter api with”.

Well its a little more usefull now because I added a parser that translates tweets to cl objects for you so you don’t have to do the tedious bits of processing twitter stream feeds.

What is missing is some helper functions to handle continous streams from twitter.

As an asside I ended up with dx-oauth “a loose collection of functions to help with oauth”. A lot of the nasty bits where borrowed (with permission) from cl-oauth. dx-oauth focuses on what you need to use oauth with third party api’s like twitter and Facebook.

Yes dx-facebook is next, but I have not had the chance to push it to github yet but it will be there some time this month.

dx-twitter is simple, nothing fancy, but if you have ever tried to use social media api’s like the one for Twitter (or god forbid Facebook) you will know that there are a thousand little gotcha’s when calling api’s with oauth that can make life a missery. Hope fully dx-twitter can safe you some of that pain for the Twitter api.

If it looks a little rough around the edges it is because it is rough around the edges. However it will get smoothed out during the next month as I start using it in a commercial application.