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Lisp Web Server From Scratch using Hunchentoot and Nginx

November 9, 2010

**************************I tried my setup on Ubuntu 13.10 server and had some issues so I decided to update this article, unfortunately I dont have the time to rewrite it so I am just hacking the bits that where issues on Ubuntu 13.10**********************

So you want your own lisp web server to hack away at but where do you start? Well don’t despair, what follows is a recipe for getting such a server running in no time. (Don’t worry you won’t be coding it from scratch you will be building it with a “software lego” set.)

Much of what you will see here was taken from different websites especially these two great articles and These articles do a better job of explaining what is afoot than my posting here. Please do go to these articles and show your appreciation for the hard work that went into them by leaving a comment.

All that I am doing is giving you an A to Z recipe in one place to get you going.

There are a lot of good articles in the slicehost articles collection as well that are worth a read on their own if you want to understand more about the iptables and stuff.



Slicehost – Ubuntu 10.10 Mail Server from Scratch

November 9, 2010

Its been a while since I posted, work keeps on interfering, but since I last posted I was forced to move to a new virtual hosting company. VPSLink just did not cut it any more so I moved to Slicehost and am very happy with them thus far. So since I was moving I decided that it was time to update my Mail Server from Scratch recipe.

You know the song by now, I am not an expert, but I found that the following steps worked for me… etc … etc

This post is a simple recipe for getting the job done, it is most likely not the best way of doing it but it works. The problem with this type of recipe approach is that the “why for’s” and the “where for’s” are minimal or non existent. Any comments and/or corrections are more than welcome.

What this exercise leaves us with in the end of the day is a mail server that can handle multiple domains and email addresses. The domain and user data is stored in an postgresql database while the actual mails end up in special directory.

We will not only be able to administer the mail server from a web interface but the email account holders will be able to access their mail via a web interface. To do this we use Ubuntu 10.10, postfix, postfix-admin, dovecot, roundcube, postgresql and nginx.

This is a copy/paste job that I put together some of it from tutorials and some of it I hacked together as I set up a test server to actually try it. In this process I some times went back to fix or change stuff in this post and ended up fluffing some of it. So I will keep on cleaning it up as I find errors or errors are pointed out to me.