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Garage48 : Postmortem

December 9, 2011

These are just some of my thoughts regarding the garage48 event (Johannesburg) I took part in.


I went in with the wrong assumptions. The event is about new ideas and how to bring them about more than it is about code or technology. Yes there is a place for amazing code and wow technology but the focus is on bringing a new product to market. When you look at how the event schedule is run you will see that in effect you only have 24 hours to code and the rest is all about presentation and marketing.

What to do better next time:

Plan what is needed in a prototype better. A successful prototype is one that can show outputs to prove an idea’s viability and not how you got those outputs into being. Don’t bother with behind the scenes input screens that are needed to setup your application, dump the data in which ever way and show of the output and all the funky technology stuff you came up with.

Come better prepared. Set up a trusted “tool set” and possibly required libraries before hand and practice some of those things you don’t do often but will need in the competition. Loosing an hour here or there because you are rusty at a particular aspect of coding will be detrimental to your team’s success.

If its mobile it rocks. Maybe it was because of the nature of our local sponsors, but the rule of thumb is that if you can use it on your phone then it is kewl and will get higher regard.

Money talks. If the idea and product that was birthed over the 48 hours will make tons of money then it is better.

These are just my thoughts and I don’t want to take away from the organizers or sponsors in any way. They all did us proud at this event and I for one will be back next year, a lot more prepared and a lot more psyched up!

Thanx to all involved again.