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WFX (CL web widgets) – Update

July 23, 2013

So I have not blogged for ages (more than a year, eish it feels like yesterday!), yeah I know it is bad form, but I have been busy. Well its a good excuse, if it means that some existing open source libs where updated and some new ones got birthed.

WFX a widget framework based on hunchentoot and cl-who has been receiving some much needed TLC. It now boasts an ajax grid and a lot of other basic widgets like linked drop downs etc.

Yes we have an ajax enabled acceptor with some functions to make using ajax simpler.

WFX also got some base widgets to help with integrating to html templates bought of the web, so now its easier to integrate that kewl admin template you got for a steel.

The changes have not been merged with the master branch because I am upgrading all my commercial sites with the changes first to make sure that what gets merged into the master is solid.

Yeah I should have kept my trap shut until all the changes where in master but I got excited because WFX will be easier to use now because a lot of the foot work has been done for you.

To make our lives even simpler there is dx-starter-site to help you kick start a site with security etc. but that needs some more work. The big question is do I add db support straight into it because we use xdb2 as our db for everything and I don’t know if that is what people would want. The idea with dx-strater site is that it should contain all the basics you need to start straight in with a web application instead having to do boring logins and other stuff to use out of the box.

If you are curious about the changes to WFX you can have a look at the expand-func branch.


Every Person a Programmer

July 10, 2009

Reading about cloud computing, netbooks and simpler operating systems etc, all to make the consumers life simpler and maybe cheaper got me thinking. Are we not robbing the consumer/user of a golden opportunity to be come budding computer programmers.

Yes, I know, everybody does not want to be a programmer. Yet for generations to come our daily lives are going to depend on computers and there programs more and more. Is it not essential that future generations have a solid grounding in computer programming, just like it is deemed beneficial today to have a sound grounding in maths and language skills?

Imagine a whole society that at least understands the basics of programming. A society that could write simple macros for their daily use. Imagine the productivity gains. Would this not free those that want to be programmers to write truly ground breaking programs, instead of being employed to write simpler GUI interfaces for day to day use by users that have to be taught by “monkey see monkey do” methods to use those GUIs?

Imagine the programming such a society could produce with in a couple of generations.